Redesign products so that
​they don’t release microplastic any longer


Free your daily life from microplastic


We work on the integration of products “microplastic free” into the industrial production processes.

Along with the analysis of the plant,
​we design innovative components to implement our solutions on the production lines.

Our first solution is an INNOVATIVE BOTTLE to reduce the quantity of microplastic ingested by people.

What are microplastics?

Microplastic are small plastic pieces less than 5 mm long

Microplastics are also generated by degradation of larger pieces of plastic over time

Microplastics in nurdle form is the main ingredient for plastic product manufacturing

Comic credits: Vincenzo Pani

What's bad for humans?

Through the food chain humans are ingesting microplastic particles.

Exposure to toxic pollutants could cause abnormalities of liver function, skin (chloracne), and nervous system.

Plastic additives like BPA and Phthalates are endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC) and they could cause hormonal disease like breast and prostate cancer.

What’s bad for the environment?

Microplastics are contaminating our waters (ocean, rivers, tap water, etc).

Plastics and Microplastics are killing the ocean ecosystem, from fishes to seabirds.


Our story

MicroPlasticFree was created by a team of engineers in 2018.
It is committed to work on the protection of the environment and humans from microplastics.

The creation process begun at Innovation for Change, a 20 weeks entrepreneurship joint program between CERN, Politecnico of Turin and Collège des Ingénieurs Italia. Innovation for Change is a competition among multidisciplinary teams, working to find valuable solutions to cope with actual global challenges for humanity. 

Why do we exist?

We are very committed in taking an active part to promote sustainability of plastic packages.
Though, this is not just about us, it is about you. Sustainability often imply changes in people’s habits and at MicroPlasticFree we know that people can be reluctant to changes. It is just easier to keep things as they are, even when it is clear that some behaviours are damaging the environment and, indirectly, people’s lives. This is where our solutions come into play.

We are MicroPlasticFree and we deliver intrinsically sustainable solutions.

How are we growing up?

StartCup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta 2018 - http://www.startcup.i3p.it/

The Startup Lab 2018 - http://www.thestartuplab.polito.it/

SEI Mentoring program - https://sei.it/torinoforum/


We wisely combine business know-how and strong engineering skills to deliver sustainable solutions by design.

Lorenzo Benedetti

Energy Engineer with managerial approach. Optimistic and enthusiastic.
He is very passionate and he is always looking for new challenges to embrace for the team.
Pragmatism and proactivity are keywords of his profile.

Emanuele Greppi

Civil engineer, he is an hard multitasker due to his engineering-business background.
He loves to challenge himself.
Future oriented, he is the one that let us dream with his holistic vision of the world.

Francesca Giordano Gala

Mechanical Engineer, with a passion for business and innovation.
She is always on the go, judicious  and precise.
She takes care of the team’s public relations, leveraging her communication skills.

Giovanni Usai

Computer Engineer with strong international professional experience and business acumen. Passionate and always cheerful, he brings positive energy whatever he does.
Curious, shrewd and scrupulous, he is our reliable schedule keeper.